What Kinsey Can Do For Me

Fast Sign Service Dispatch

What do Kroger, Walgreens, McDonalds, Burger King, Arby’s and Wells Fargo have in common?
Other than being leading national brands, they prefer reliable and prompt service from Kinsey Neon & Sign Company.

From lamps and transformers to storm damage and nesting birds, signs do require service attention. A well maintained sign is the calling card of a well maintained company.  Kinsey has your main street image at heart with no minimum truck hour charges and 24 hour service.


Impeccable Installations

The most important need of any business is presence. The sooner a presence can be established, the community around it can share in the excitement of your new business opening it’s doors. Kinsey Neon & Sign Co. strives to ensure that your locations signage demands are promptly installed and ready for business before you are. 

Multiple locations opening at the same time? Not a problem. Kinsey Neon & Sign Co. owns the largest installation fleet in Western Virginia and is ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice to ensure that your deadlines are met. From small vinyl signs on your windows to international brand identity on high rise buildings, Kinsey has you covered. 


Quality Sign Fabrication

For over a century the Kinsey name in the sign industry has been synonymous with better built,  on time and top notch craftsmanship. Since Roy C. Kinsey started in 1907, the company has always maintained the facilities to create some of the most stunning signage in the Mid Atlantic region. From small plaques to large skyline icons, Kinsey has always possessed the moxie to provide signage no matter the size or complexity.

With our full service fabrication facility there is no project that we cannot handle. Being over a century old does not mean we have not stayed with the advances in the technologies available to us. As the Kinsey spirit of fabrication is still in full swing, our fabrication shop grows daily with CNC equipment, Digital Printing equipment, advanced LED lab and solar signage power research and development.  We strive to stay ahead of the technology curve as to be ready for any idea that a customer may require.

So be assured that our age is only a measure of quality.  


Neon Lighting

Kinsey first started producing neon lighting tubes in 1933, the first neon company in Virginia, second in the United States. This was the start of refitting many signs throughout the United States that relied on incandescent bulbs to light their signs to the new brighter fluorescent. Many area theaters of the time relied on Kinsey to make their marquees some of the most revered signs of their time with arrays of neon colors.

As trends come and go, neon has found itself in a lull of use in new production over the years. This is not the fault of neon by far but the false market ideology of new equals better. Neon has always squarely made it’s comeback every time by it’s brightness, classic look and it’s superior lifespan. Currently Kinsey Neon & Sign Co. is the only neon lighting producer in Western Virginia and will retain this in shop capability indefinitely. 

With all of the technological lighting options available to the sign industry today, neon still holds firm as one of the best bangs for your buck. When you are trying to make an impact in your market, nothing draws the consumer eye better. From refined color and brightness to longevity and classic artistic feel, a LED comparable product does not hold a candle to it. Today neon is listed as a green energy source due to the advances in power technology and less operating cost for more brightness per foot than LED.